Luxe Box Summer 2014 Unbox & Review

So this is actually my first time ordering from LuxeBox, and I held some pretty high expectations from them since they were suppose to be more of a "high-end" box that only happens once per quarter. I definitely loved the packaging that they had, it was a simple elegant box with a dust bag inside (the hoarder in me is already scheming on how to use these two as storage).


The content inside though, was a bit disappointing. Below is the unpackaged box with all of its contents.

I took the liberty of marking each product with a number so I can refer to them better.

1. BONUS: Slim Henge Bangle by BaubleBar - FULLSIZE   $34.75
This item was the incentive that made me sign up for LuxeBox. I received an e-mail saying that if I sign up today, I would be able to receive it as part of my summer LuxeBox so I don't consider it to be part of the Luxebox. It is a nice rose gold coloured bangle, simple enough for everyday wear.

2. Introductory Collection by ESLOR - SAMPLE (4 x 5ml)   $20
As a hoarder, I hate strong dislike foil packs when I paid to sample, so this item came as a big disappointment. It included a four step
Step 1: Soothing Refiner and Cleanser (60 mL / $30
Step 2: Replenishing Scrub (50 mL / $30)
Step 3: Comforting Mask (50 mL / $41)
Step 4: Soothing Cream (50 mL / $70)
I have never heard of this brand before, and Loose Button provided the following product description:
"Hydrate, protect and treat your skin with the Eslor Introductory Collection. 100% Free of Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES)."

3. Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow in 'Vanilla Sunbeam' by Teeez Trendy Cosmetics - FULLSIZE   $19
Yay for fullsize. This eyeshadow came in a package that is similar to an EOS lipbalm, which is interesting but not all that convenient to carry. It is a nice shimmery light taupe colour. The box itself was quite pleasing to the eye. 

4. Nail Polish in 'I Shop Mintage' by Nicole by OPI - SAMPLE (3.75ml)   $3.99
    Fullsize is 15ml / $9
A nice minty green colour polish. I'm not that big on polish, so maybe Shelley can take a look at it later.

5. Angled Tweezers by Loose Button - FULLSIZE  $13
I just thought maybe $13 tweezers should have a nicer packaging than in a plastic bag (seriously, Revlon's $5 tweezers have a much glamourous packaging than this). My mom picked them up and said she could've used a new pair of kitchen tweezers. I recently just got a new set of tweezers, so this is going to sit in the corner for a while...

6. KP Duty Moisturizing Therapy by DERMAdoctor - SAMPLE (30ml)  $9.50
    Fullsize is 120ml / $38
The packaging thrown me off at first, but when I did some research, apparently it has gotten quite a bit good reviews. The ingredients all look very pleasant, and I've got dry skin myself so I can't wait to give it a try.

7. Brilliant Glossing Shampoo by Fekkai - SAMPLE (59ml)   $5
    Brilliant Glossing Conditioner by Fekkai - SAMPLE (59ml)   $5
    Fullsize of each is 236ml / $20
This duo contains olive oil, which is good for the hair. You can get this brand from drugstores so it isn't really considered 'high-end'. Also, I'm never keen to try sample shampoos and conditioner because they usually take a long period of time to see result. My Nexxus shampoo and conditioner has been treating me very well so... These two are going straight to my travel shampoo and conditioner hoard... which I never touch.

8. BONUS: 3D White Whitening Strips & Toothpaste by Crest - SAMPLE x 3   $5
    Fullsize 3D White Toothpaste is 113g / $4.49
    Fullsize 3D White Whitening Strips is 14 strips / $34.99
Each sample came with 2 foil pack of toothpaste and 1 whitening strip along with a $1 off coupon for the toothpaste. I'm already using Crest's 3D White's toothpaste, so I know it works. Although I have never tried their whitening strips. These strips promises a difference after 30 minutes, so I'm going to give it a try. Also... foil pack toothpaste? That's a first.

Overall, without the bonus items the total value of this Luxebox came to about $75.49. I paided about $27 for the box, so that means I made a total of ~$49, but considering that the foil packs were $20 in value, it wasn't that much of a gain. I might give Luxebox another try before shutting them down saying that it wasn't worth the money because I might have gotten a bad box.

What did you receive in your box? && How do you feel about foil packs?

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  1. We got the same box! I think all new subscribers with the Baublebar promo got the same thing.

    1. Did you like your box? I accidentally resubscribed, so I'm hoping for a better box next time.