Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Make Up Setting Spray

I apologize for another late post this week. I’ve been quite busy so this will be another quick post.

The Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray claims to help makeup stay put, control oil and reduce shine. I put it to the ultimate test yesterday through 15 hours of wear. The conclusion: it definitely delivers on its promises.

I was super excited yesterday because the BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z On the Run Tour was stopping in Toronto but before I could attend the concert I had several errands to run. Therefore I needed my makeup to last all day with minimal touch-ups, which can be a bit of a challenge with my oily skin.  So I turned to the Urban Decay oil-control makeup setting spray. I sprayed a few spritzes before my foundation but after moisturizer and another few after powder. The results were I only had to blot twice throughout the day and that’s pretty good considering I would’ve had to blot upwards of 4-5 times under normal circumstances. In addition to the product itself, I really like the bottle. It produces a nice fine mist that coats the skin evenly and avoids splotches all over the face.

I purchased the smaller 30mL (1 fl oz) bottle of the spray at Sephora for $15, which I think is a good deal as it actually extends the longevity of my makeup. Also, after using it for a month there’s about three quarters left so even a small bottle lasts for a while.

Overall, I think the Urban Decay setting spray is a great product and anyone with oily skin should definitely give this a try. 

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