Secret Key Snow White Cream & Snow White Milky Pack

I'm going to be talking about two products in this post since they are a package. Secret Key is a Korean skincare / cosmetic brand under the Zenpia Co. umbrella, for those who are interested, you can check out their website here. These two products under their Snow White line is their latest hit. The cream promises to brighten one's skin and moisturize at the same time, while the pack (which is word that a lot of Korean products use for 'mask') is suitable for the entire body. Both the cream and the mask pack boost that they include niacinamide, which is a type of amino acid that falls into the vitamin B group. Niacinamide has been used to treat inflammatory skin conditions and chronic redness, so it's interesting to see how it's used here.

You can only purchase these items through online website, but the price of both of them are very good for the amount of product you get (prices will vary, but it will be around $20 to $25 for both).

The cream is a very thick compared the usual creams that I have come into encounter with, as you can see in the second picture that after running over it with a finger, it doesn't blend immediately as other creams do. Surprisingly, the cream is very moisturizing and not a bit oily or thick after being massaged into the skin. Immediately, you can see that the skin on the right is brighter to its comparison.

I've been using this cream for a while, and it hasn't given me any breakouts even though it is summer. I use it with a sunscreen to prevent any sun damage, and I apply it usually during the night time for my skin to recover from the sun.
This mask is even thicker than the cream! Its texture is similar to that of toothpaste, but not as sticky. You are suppose to have this mask on for only about 2 to 3 minutes, but I tend to keep it longer than that since it is a bit difficult to wash off and I don't want to waste my effort. Eventually, the mask will get absorbed like what the third picture looks like, contrary to what it looks like, the product does not harden. It feels like you have a thick layer of cream on your face. The package does say that you are suppose to wash the mask off, but I find that very difficult to do. When you wet your face and try to wash away the mask with your fingers, it pretty much just pushes the product around your face. What I find is more useful is to wipe it off with a paper towel or a wash cloth, then rinse the rest of the product off. Your skin will find itself a lot brighter and lightened, and it will last from about a day or two. 

Overall, I like the cream a lot more than the mask simply because of how difficult the mask is to remove (so i end up not really using it). I also find that the effects of the cream is a slow built-up process, while the cream is very instant. I don't believe in instant results, because it is only what happens on the surface, it is more important to penetrate the deeper dermis and correct from there. 

What do you think about instant results?

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