Cover Girl Ready, Set Gorgeous Oil Free Foundation

Cover Girl released the Ready, Set Gorgeous line of products for summer 2014. I found the display at my local drugstore about two weeks ago so these products should still be kind of new to the market. I picked up both the foundation and concealer but decided to pass on the powder, which was labeled limited edition, as I have a lot of powders in my stash that need to be finished. Anyways, today I will be talking about the oil-free foundation.

The Consistency
It’s similar to that of a BB cream but not as thick so it doesn’t give that heavy, sticky feeling that’s usually associated with BB creams. The foundation dries down to a semi-matte finish. Even though the finish is matte, it doesn’t accentuate any dry patches of skin around my healing breakouts, which is a plus. It also feels quite silky and lightweight on the skin because of the oil-free formulation.  

The Coverage: 
This foundation is about medium coverage and buildable. I’ve tried applying it with both my fingers and a brush; both yield similar results. It nicely evens out the skin by reducing the appearance of acne scars and hyperpigmentation. 

The Colour:
Some things that I did notice about the colour is the slight pink lean and the tendency to oxidize just a bit. These things aren't too much of a concern though, as its not very detectable after applying powder, bronzer, blush, etc. 

The Longevity: 
As mentioned in my beauty profile, I have oily skin. Therefore I always set my base with powder regardless if I’m wearing tinted moisturizer, BB cream or foundation. I tested the product a few times over the last two weeks and I’ve found that I did need to touch up at least once or twice throughout the day. On a typical day I’ll have my makeup on for about 9-10 hours. With this foundation I’ll start seeing a slight sheen on the skin around the 3-4 hour mark and will have to blot after 5-6 hours. If it’s not super hot out I’ll only touch up once and the foundation will last until I remove it at the end of the day

Overall, I think this is a great everyday option if you are looking for something with better coverage than BB creams or tinted moisturizer. Also being a drugstore product its very affordable and definitely worth trying out. 

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