Confessions of a Hoarder: Mini Lipsticks

Hello! I’m introducing a series on the blog. It’s going to be called, as you can tell by the title, Confessions of a Hoarder. This series is going to be periodic posts about parts of our stash. Hoards of a particular group of products that are a mix of both old and new but don’t solicit reviews for each individual item. These posts are going to be quick and easy for when our personal lives get a bit hectic because even if we're busy we don't want to leave our readers hanging :) Now on with the post. 

Today’s spotlight hoard: mini-sized lipsticks.

I’ve always had a soft spot for lipsticks, particularly miniature ones. I find that they’re harder to come by and therefore that much more precious. Today I have for you all is my humble hoard of mini lipsticks that I’ve collect over the years. As you can see in the pictures below, I haven’t used any of them. Call me wasteful but I can’t bear to use them just yet so for now they will remain in my hoard, untouched. Now enjoy the rest of the post!

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