Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Today I'm reviewing one of the items I received from the the August 2014 Ipsy Bag, and it's also one of the newer releases: the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. I am reviewing a sample size (about 1/4th of the actual size) and without Urban Decay Subversion Primer.

The reason why I am reviewing it without the Subversion Mascara Primer is because it is a limited edition release. The Perversion Mascara itself promises to provide a creamy and full-bodied texture while achieving clump-free application. The formulation is suppose to stimulate lash growth and full of pigments that keeps the lashes ultrablack.

The wand of the mascara is more frizzy than the others that I have used, which doesn't have the uniform shape that some mascara wands do. It somewhat reminds me of a messy pipe cleaner dipped in ink.

As for what the mascara promises, I provided a before and after picture here (above is before, and below is after). Pardon my misshapen eyelid, I got it when I was little when I was learning to walk. I have naturally long, straight lashes, so I was really hoping that the mascara I use can bring some curls to it. In the first picture, although my lashes are long, they are not very visible because of the way they stick out. I was quite impressed with the build-ability of the mascara, I did not wait for the first coat to dry and applied more, yet no clumps appeared. I did not curl my lashes before applying the mascara, yet it still managed to hold my lashes in shape. My lashes are naturally black, so I was quite impressed with how well the mascara coated them (the tips are fairly visible!). Although this mascara sound very lovely, but the downside to it is that, it is not waterproof. After about 4 to 5 hours of wear, I start to see raccoon eyes appearing, which is not so lovely. I even tried it without applying the lower lashes, but the unattractive raccoon eyes still paid me a visit. 

Overall, I find that this mascara is definitely on the right track with its build-ability and no-clumpness, but it still needs to work on its staying power. I had high hopes for this mascara, and I have to say that Urban Decay only achieved half of my expectations. I'm still on the search for my holy grail mascara, and unfortunately I have yet to find it. Feel free to recommend me mascaras to try!


  1. This mascara is perfection to me. Made my lashes look glossy, thick AND long!

    1. I love it too! Although I really wish it was waterproof ):