Sana Super Quick Matte Liquid Eyeliner

Sorry for the late post! Today was the first day of school so it’s been quite hectic for me. This will be a quick post about one of my Holy Grail products and a staple in my makeup routine; the Sana Super Quick Matte Liquid Eyeliner.

I’ve opted for dark brown instead of black in eyeliners a few years back. Browns give a softer look while still achieving the definition I want for everyday wear. I’ve tried several liners before this one and nothing compares. This Sana liner delivers the perfect line that is rich and pigmented without being harsh. Also, as the name suggests it is matte, which I prefer.

The liner has a brush tip. It may not be the most user-friendly if you’re just starting out with liquid liners but with some practice this liner will because an essential part of any makeup routine. The brush tip allows for great control and can achieve the thinnest of lines, which is really important to me. The product also flows out of the tip very nicely without any skipping and since I’m kind of anal about drawing the perfect line, this liner allows me to get that precise point every time.

Another important thing I look for in eyeliner is longevity. This one is advertised to be sebum-proof, sweat-proof and longwearing. I definitely would agree. I think I’ve mention in a previous post that I have watery eyes so any makeup around the inner corner of my eyes tend to fade really fast. However, this liner will last throughout the entire day without any flaking or smudging.

This product is one my HGs and without a doubt I would recommend it to anyone. It’s precise, pigmented and longwearing, basically the perfect liner.  

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