Ciracle Pore Control Cleansing Brush

Today I will be writing about a tool rather than a product. (Hey August, why are you late to posting again?) I was moving in to my new place yesterday, and when I finished, it was already 1am. I had 8:30 morning class the next day, so I had to postpone this post. The item in question is actually a face brush to help aid you while washing your face. With many similar devices on the market, why did I pick this one to review? 

Ciracle is a Korean skincare brand, and I actually have a holy grail item from this brand (but that's for another time). What makes this brush different from so many other ones that are currently the new fad? I have very sensitive skin that is easily irritated, so I am always looking products that are on the gentler side. I recently purchased a Clarisonic Mia 2 (with a Sensitive brush head), and hoping that it would perform some miracles, but I was met with disappointment. When I was using the Clarisonic, I felt I was scrubbing my face with a toothbrush, in other words, it was very harsh on my skin. If you take a look at the Clarisonic brush (sensitive), each bristle is very thick with a flat tip. This makes it actually very inefficient at getting into the pores (think needle, it is impossible to pierce through a fabric without a tip). (Side comment: I do think the luxe brush heads are a lot better, with a finer bristle and brush tip).

Ciracle's brush packs 310,000 superfine fiber bristles together to help combat sebum, dead skin cells, and blackheads. Although not sonic powered, it thoroughly cleans the skin like it promised without being abrasive. On the plus side, since these are synthetic fibers, it lowers the risk of bacteria growth and odor.

Each bristle is thinner than your hair, which allows it to reach into the pores and prove a deep clean. With plentiful of bristles, this brush lathers up a very nice and thick foam. The bristles also reduces the pressure being released on your face because there are so many of them, hence, it's gentle enough to use everyday. (Another side note, the Clarisonic is not meant for everyday use, or it will be too much exfoliation for your skin).

In conclusion, this is a very inexpensive tool that requires no charging, and light enough to bring with me every where. If you are looking for something to aid with your daily cleansing routine, but isn't willing to drop money on electronic tools, this might just be the thing for you!


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