Ipsy September 2014 Glam Bag

Hey everyone, I'm sure you've noticed that there was a post missing on Wednesday. This is because Shelley's class schedule this semester is looking very hectic, and we are not sure if she can find the time to continue posting. However, I will still stick to my schedule of every Sunday, with extra posts here and there. Shelley's posts will be more random and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any firm time slots.

I still hope you guys are looking forward to my posts. Today I will be reviewing Ipsy's September 2014's Glam Bag. 

This month's theme is Street Style, and Ipsy has attempted to incorporate it with a silver metallic pouch with four studs for added flare. However, I'm not quite sure if the products quite match the theme. This month's selection of product was definitely not as exciting as some of the pasts, with only a few items being the attention grabbers. Although from what I've seen, the distribution of the products are fairly even in price. Hopefully everyone got what they wanted from this month's bag.

 In my Ipsy Glam Bag this month, I've received five items:

1. "Don't Despair, Repair!" Deep Conditioning Mask by Briogeo - SAMPLE (1 fl.oz)       $4.95
"Noooo, not hair mask!" Was echoing in my head as I reached for this bulky product in my glam bag. Perhaps the heavens are trying to tell me something by sending so many hair masks along my way, but I am definitely not a sucker for them. I mean, I understand these are great products, but my extend of treating my hair is by investing in expensive conditioners. This product does smell great, but probably somewhat inconvenient to use since you have to scoop out from a tub. (Some one please convince me to start using hair masks, or they will be sitting in my hoard forever.)

2. Hot Singles Eye Shadow by NYX in Innocent - SAMPLE (1.5g)       $3.98
Love the brand. Love eyeshadow. Love the colour. This was a perfect pick for me. I've been wanting to get a metallic pink-bronze colour for a while, and this arrived in just the nick of time. Oh Ipsy, only if you could read my mind about hair masks like how you read my mind about this gorgeous eyeshadow. And I will definitely be reviewing this in the future.

3. Lipstick by Hikari in Cabernet - FULLSIZE (3.8g)        $13.00
I have to say that the shade is perfect for autumn, and I'm definitely looking forward to using it. The only question in hand is, how well does this lipstick wear? A review for this product is definitely in the due. The only nit-picking? My lipstick came nicked ):

4. Infinity Shadow / Crease Duet Brush by Crown Brush       $6.99
I hoard brushes like no tomorrow, and this would definitely make a nice addition to my collection. Although, it would be quite difficult to store this brush properly as I cannot let it stand vertically in my brush holder. Perhaps it will make a better traveling brush where it can stays horizontal all the time in a makeup pouch.

5. Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil by Pacifica in Gunmetal - SAMPLE (0.026oz)       $5.50
I have long strayed away from pencil because I have very watery eyes, and every 'water-proof' pencil liner that I've given a chance as smudged by midday. The gunmetal shade matched the pouch that Ipsy gave out this month, and would be a change up to my everyday black. I do looking forward to trying it out, and it being formulated with non-harmful ingredients is definitely a plus!

The total of all the products (excluding the pouch) came to $34.42, which is almost twenty bucks more than what I pay for every month ($14.95 due to Canadian shipping). This month's Glam Bag doubled (and a bit more) on what I paid for. Although I was a bit disappointed with one of the products, but overall, it was a fairly good purchase.


  1. Really nice blog and great pictures! I'm jealous you got the makeup brush haha

    1. Thank you so much! I just checked out your blog and really great content! :P