Loose Button Luxebox Fall 2014 Unbox

With the seasons changing, I have received my Fall Luxebox just in time. As usual, their packaging never cease to awe. From their quality cardboard box and the dust bag, these are the two things that I always reuse for storage. From my last post, I wrote that I would be contemplating on whether to order another Luxebox or not due to the amount of foil packets that I received (which I still havent used). It was such a disappointment in comparison to my Ipsy subscribtions. 

The reason why I ended up ordering the Fall 2014 box was because they automatically charged my card even though I only bought the quarterly membership. And I thought it only charged for one season, hence the quarterly, but it turns out that the only difference between the memberships are the prices and how much you pay at once. On top of that, to cancel your membership, you have to call in to their support team that only works from Monday to Friday in a limited time frame. (And to put your membership on hold, you have to e-mail them). The hassles that I have to go through to put an end to my membership is absolutely ridiculous. 

Another reason on why I am ending my membership is the items that I've gotten in this subscription box. I've received items that did not cater to my liking at all, even after I re-did my beauty profile quiz that was offered by Loose Button and carefully provided feedback to the previous box. I've received two hair care products, which I do not need. And to top it off, my box came along with a description card, and on it a list that did not match any of my products. It was someone else's card that had all the items that I wanted (skincare and makeup), which only amplified my own disappointment even more. This season's box felt it was thrown together carelessly without taken my beauty profile into consideration.

As usual, the items are marked for identification reasons:

1. Blush Brush by Loose Button - FULLSIZE    $18.00
Again, same situation with the tweezers last time, I really wish it came in a nicer packaging than just a lone brush. It looks like a sturdy and strong brush, but the bristles are rather coarse and shed immediately when I ran it along my cheeks. Nothing of $18 quality (ELF's $4 brushes are better in quality that this!), and potentially inflated in price by Loose Button.  A disappointment ):

2. Tropical Scents Body Lotion in "Paradise Kiwi" by Lila Grace - SAMPLE (65 ml)    $4.00
At first I thought I was getting something from Bath and Body Works due to the identical packaging, but the smell was the key to tell me I was wrong. What I received was nothing identical to tropical, and definitely not kiwi. It has a fairly weird scent, contains two out of four parabens, and something that I won't be coming back to. 

3. En Root Hair Shine Serum by TheBalm - SAMPLE (30 ml)    $4.00 
I did not know that TheBalm made hair serums. And since I am not an avid hair products sampler (maybe in the future), I hope it works great on those who do decide to try it out.

4. Lip Gloss in "Ruby Moon" by Burt's Bees - FULLSIZE    $12.99
Finally, something I look forward to using! Ruby Moon is a dark red shade which is a perfect fall colour, and definitely something that I can team up with my HIKARI lipstick that I received from Ipsy not long ago.

5. BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator by VASANTI - SAMPLE (20 ml)     $5.65
This is a triple action facial scrub can help brighten, exfoliate, and clean skin all at once. And it supposedly contains papaya enzymes which helps the break down of dead skin cells. I am excited to try it and see how it compares to Kiehls' Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub, which contains similar ingredients.

6. Phytok√©ratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray by Phyto Paris - SAMPLE (30ml)     $6.40
): more hair products, see #3

7. Universal Blush by So Susan - FULLSIZE    $17.50
A blush with no shades, but supposedly works with your skin's natural chemistry to create a universal and flattering flush for all skintones. At the same time, it contains Buriti Fruit Oil that is able to help repair the epidermis and improve the elasticity of the skin. Now this is a product that I am looking forward to try out! I've heard about lipstick and glosses that reacts to the ph level of your lips to create a uniquely-you shade, but this is the first time I've heard about a blush that does something similar!

In conclusion, I paid $27.00 for this box (not including tax), and received $68.54 in products, which is about $7 less that my last box. Considering the items that I did like (the blush and the lip gloss), which are full sizes, adds up to $27, I did not lose any money. The overall experience that I got from Luxebox was something that ultimately pushed me to end my relationship with them. Perhaps I will return when they roll out a bit more changes, but in the stage that it is at right now, I am not a happy customer.

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