Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I love eyeliners. I LOVE eyeliners. Ever since I discovered this magical tool, I have since refused to leave the house without it.  What makes a good liner is its staying power, colour, and ease of use, because no one wants to be spotted with lovely raccoon eyes before lunch. I have long stayed away from American brands for my eyeliners because of how difficult it was to apply, or some of them simply does not have the right formula. I am not a fan of those dip and draw liners, and when I discovered my current HG (Heroine Make KissMe Smooth Liquid Eyeliner) (which I can talk about in another post), I have yet to find a replacement. Until now.

I received this eyeliner from my June 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag, and I was intrigued but never had a chance to try it. Until one day I forgot to pack my eyeliner for the weekend from school to home. This was in my spare eyeliner stash and a liquid one at that (I love liquid liners). Oh my goodness. It did not fail me, rather it went beyond my expectations. The formula was fast drying and glided on very smoothly. It lasted me all day (I went out on a date, so a fairly long day). Did not smudge, did not budge, and the colours stayed brilliant as it started out (AKA the blackest black). This actually has the potential to become my next HG.

Jesse's Girl actually uses a Japanese calligraphy-style brush that allows the user to create super-fine and precise applications, which is super similar to my KissMe liner. The brush tip is very sturdy, and allows that cat eye flick to be done perfectly. And the price! At $6.99, it has every other drug store brand liquid liner beat.

I would totally recommend this liner to anyone looking to try their hand at liquid liners, it feels just like using a pen. Overall, I can't be more satisfied with this liner.


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