Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash

I recently picked up the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash at my local drugstore since I’ve never tried any of their products before. Here’s my opinion on it!  

First off, let's talk about the smell. The scent of this body wash is simply divine. I can just sit there and sniff it all day. On the packaging it says it’s suppose to be a brown sugar and lime scent and that really does come across. Also, I don’t know if it just me but the scent reminds me slightly of sugary lemon-lime soft drinks such as Sprite. The body wash definitely has a pick-me-up/wake-up quality in my opinion, great for those who like to shower in the mornings.

When it’s first pumped out of the body it’s a milky liquid but lathers up when rubbed over the body. I personally like to shower with a loofah to provide some light daily exfoliation and the body wash seems to work quite well like that. Also, I liked the slight creaminess of the wash. It didn’t leave my skin feeling stripped or dry and wasn’t overly heavy.

I also really like the packaging of this wash. It comes packaged with a pump so very convenient to use. It is a bit on the pricey side but it comes in a decently sized bottle.

Overall, I really like this body wash because of the scent and texture. This might be my new obsession so if you can find it in store I’d definitely would advise you to pick up a bottle to try.

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