Ipsy Glam Bag October 2014

So, did you guys miss me? I took an extended break because of the long weekend (happy belated Thanksgiving to all our Canadian readers), and the fact that my midterms are practically neck to neck to each other this week. Today I will be doing a short unbox/unbag post on Ipsy's October bag. To start off, I really, really adore this month's pouch. As you can see from the picture, it has an almost shiny pleather finish, giving it a sophisticated look, fit for even carrying it on its own.

 The theme for this month is Beauty Candy, which was based on the whole Halloween, "Trick-or-Treat" concept. Considering that, I have received both 'tricks', and 'treats', shall we find out?

1. Mineralized Baked Shadow Powder by Jesse's Girl in Kiwi Shine - FULLSIZE (2g)       $3.99
These swirl of eyeshadows always makes me confused as how to use them, maybe it's because I have yet to gotten the hang of playing with solid colours. The name Kiwi Shine was given to this eyeshadow presumably because of the the green and gold metallic shade. It's not that I do not enjoy receiving eyeshadow, but rather, colours that I have no idea how to work with. Unfortunately, I have to say, this one was a 'trick' for me, which I did not hesitate to give away.

2. Hand Cream by Figs & Rouge in Rose Berry - FULLSIZE (20mL)       $7.11 (or £3.95)
I always peak at my Ipsy bag before it comes to me to heighten (or lessen) my anticipation, and when I saw that I was getting this hand cream, I was super delighted. I'm a sucker for hand lotions, and I really wanted the Rose Berry scent (although on my Ipsy, it shows that I have received the Mango Mandarin one, weird). I was quite surprised to find out that this was a full size product. It's so tiny and delicate looking. It's great for travel, and the scent is amazing. Definitely a treat!

3. Lip Gloss by Starlooks in Guilty Pleasure - SAMPLE (0.3oz)       $3.00
Look at how cute it is! I love miniature-sized lip products, especially when it's a liquid formula. First of all, it make travel so much more convenient; and secondly, I can never finish a full sized product within 6 months (which you are suppose to change your liquid lip products in, since double dipping occurs). The only bummer is that, the shade itself is actually quite similar to my nude lip colour, which I find defeats the purpose of wearing a gloss (since I hate having hair stuck to my lips). I suppose this would find it's place in other girl's cosmetic bag better than mine.

4. Acacia Protein BB Cream Beauty Balm for Hair by ECRU New York - FULLSIZE (30mL)       $12
I'm sorry, what? Since when did they make BB cream for hairs? Does that even make sense? Ever since I started using BB cream, it had always stand for Blemish Balm. When I read the name, it had make absolutely no sense to me, and my mom was even more confused than me when I attempted to explain it to her. Upon reading about it, this in fact, is a leave-in conditioner with their patented Acacia Collagen™. As much as I dislike hair products, this is something that I might actually use instead of hair masks (one day, I will pay more attention to my hair).
(This is actually a miniature version of the bigger size that they offer, but since the site sell both, I will consider it a full size.)

5. Mini Glacial Cleansing Cloths by Skyn Iceland - SAMPLE (2oz/10 cloths)       $5
These are Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester approved; my inner high school girl days were re-lit when I looked these up. First, I just want to say kudos to Ipsy for giving out practical items, since make-up remover cloths are something that you don't really think you need until you start using them. As one of my roommates once told me, this it just the thing you need when you come home drunk tipsy at 2AM in the morning. I'm quite happy with this since I just ran out of remover wipes. Good timing Ipsy. (y)

As expected, the total value of the bag was hovered around the 30 dollar mark ($31.1 to be exact). From the $14.95 that I pay (Canadian shipping included), it's two times of that I paid for. I was slightly disappointed with the quality of the bag this month, so hopefully November will make up for it.

Which one would be your favourite product?

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