Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiore

I was told that if I skip an update then the cycle of forever-hiatus will begin. So here I am, writing, and not wanting to fall into the non-updating-void that swallow bloggers. Today, I bring you a review on one of the more popular products by Stila, their liquid lipstick. If you search "liquid lipstick" on Google, Stila's product entry would most likely to end up as your first result. Now, I'm not big on lip sticks simply because of how often you have to reapply them; and after I discovered lip stains, I never looked back. Then came my discovery of this inbetween product. I've had rad things about this, so I did not hesitate to order one when Ulta was having a sale. 

When I first received it, I honestly thought it looked so much like a lip gloss tube that I wasn't sure what to make of it. One day, I was digging through my hoard (hehe) for a change in lip colour, and encountered this product, the results were mind boggling.

Fiore is a beautiful shade of hot pink, and it stays true to its colour once applied. My past usage of lip stains told me that there is very little variation in colours, as they all eventually will become some shade of "red". The formula for this liquid lipstick is definitely thicker than gloss, with a consistency similar to that of a cream. It smells like buttercream as well (which is delicious scent add-on that I will not complain about). The product glides on smoothly with a doe foot applicator, and requires a very small amount for usage. Although I do recommend using a brush to reduce the margin for errors, since this product is quite stubborn on the skin. I used it for a night out, and it stayed true to its name. 

As a senior in the liquid lipstick field, Stila definitely lives up to its name. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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