Crabtree & Evelyn's Gardener's Hand Therapy & Hand Recovery

Time management isn't really my strong suit, and hence the slightly late post for today. I have been a Crabtree and Evelyn's hand cream fan since forever, and I prefer their hand cream over L'Occitane's any day. And I think the reason why is because their hand cream is less oiler, and absorbs better on my skin. (I've given L'Occitane's famed shea butter hand cream a chance, and it did not absorb well, and gave me very slippery hands. Then I've tried their rose hand cream, and this one turned out to be a bit drying and few hours later, my hands were back to their original state.) My favourite line out of all of C&E's collection is their Gardener's Collection. This line smells very earthy unlike their other floral collections. I have always tried to snatch this hand cream during their special sales, but it is always the first one to sold out before I have a chance to grab it. 

I use C&E's Gardener's Hand Recovery in conjunction with the Gardener's Hand Therapy, and they help me maintain very soft hands. Picture 1-3 are of the Hand Recovery, and this is a patented product! (U.S. Patent No. 7749523 for those who want to look this up). It has salt, pumice, and oat kernel flour to make up its grainy texture, which will buff away those dead skin cells. At the same time the formula contains macadamia nut oil, rosemary, sage, and cucumber extract, as well palm and shea butter to moisture the skin as well. It will also foam up a bit after adding water to better exfoliate your hands. After using this product, the skin will feel ten times smoother and surprisingly, not dried out! I always follow up with the Hand Therapy to elongate the effect and maintain softness. The hand cream is slightly thicker than your moisturizer, and for me, there is instant absorption. By doing the paper test, as you can see, barely anything sticks! As a result, my hands are instantly brighter and soft to the touch.

I've been switching hand creams around to see if I can find anything better, but I have always came back to Gardeners. I have talked to a saleslady at C&E and she said that her husband uses nothing else but Gardeners because it healed the nasty cracks on his hand when nothing else could. And this hand cream is definitely suitable for all year round, it's not too heavy for summer and perfect for the winter. I would definitely crown it as one of my holy grail items.

Let me know if you have any hand creams that you recommend! I would definitely be down to give them a try. 

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