Cure Natural Aqua Gel

My sense of time is completely messed up due to the approaching final season. Having to think that yesterday was Tuesday resulted in this very delayed blogpost. This week I will be posting twice. Today I will be talking about one of my absolute favourites -- Cure Natural Aqua Gel. What this gel does, is that it works like an exfoliator but without the scrubbing. This has to be the gentlest exfoliator ever. I have fairly sensitive skin that doesn't mesh well with a lot of the products on the market, and has reacted horribly with some of the exfoliators that I've tried. Cure promises to gently remove layers of dry, dead, or rough skin to obtain clear, fair, and ideal skin. Having been using this product for the past two months, I can promise you it does just that.

Currently, you can only purchase this product through online stores or your local Asian skincare boutiques. And this product does cost a pretty penny. It is around $50 for 250g of product, but I feel that it is worth every cent. What is the secret to the product? It is made with activated hydrogen water, with no fragrance, no colouring, and no preservatives. In a sense, it is like applying water on your skin. Cure also contains aloe, ginko leaf, and rosemary leaf extract, so it does not dry your skin out while using it.

The texture of cure is similar to that of a light serum, and translucent in colour. The product back suggests using 3 to 5 pumps for the face. After smoothing out the product over your skin using your fingertips, you are suppose to leave it on the skin for a few seconds to allow the product to react with dead skin cells. As you can see in the second picture, white residues are already beginning to form. Then you are suppose to apply a slight pressure (not too hard though!) and massage in a circular motion for about 30 seconds to a minute. The gel slowly turns into a milky white colour and the beads of dead skin cell will start to form. Then you are suppose to rinse your face with water and continue to your regular skin care routine.

By removing the dead skin cells from your skin, it allows other skincare products to better permeate and get absorbed. No point wasting your expensive serums if it can't even penetrate properly. Cure can also be used on parts of the body where dead skin cells tend to accumulate, such as the elbows and knees (quite expensive to do so though ): ).

Cure has definitely become one of my holy grail products, there is an immediate difference to the texture and feel of the skin after washing it off. And it is just so satisfying to see all the dead skin cells come out without having to scrub your skin from hell and back. I currently use this produce once or twice every week, and it has improved the condition of my skin drastically. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who have sensitive skin and shy away from exfoliators. 

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